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Just launched my Notion productivity system!

Hey everyone,

So I just launched my Notion productivity system, Projective. You're probably like, "Why should I buy your Notion system where there's other Notion templates and apps outside Notion?".

The Why

Well let me tell you why I build my own system in Notion. For one, Im deal with High Functioning Autism, and one of the symptoms is dealing with sensory overload, all the time. I wake up in the morning stressed from the light hitting my eyes when I wake up. So when I want to manage my tasks, review my projects, check my goals, I want to do so in a simple, yet connected system.

The Pain

I used to use multiple apps to manage my freelancing business. One app for managing clients (CRM. One app for managing tasks and projects (PM). One app for managing my goals (KPI tracking). It was a lot. I would shutdown early each and every day because I had to manage so much. Now I can just manage my tasks, projects, goals, and clients in one app. Its super clean and simple, so you're not overloaded with text all over the place. Just the data. Please give me the data! So I want to help others who deal with this.

How much?

You've downloaded my Product Audit System, so I want to give you a discount for being there for me. You can get the system for 20% off! Instead of paying the $49, you can buy this for $39.20.

Purchase it here:

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me!!!


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